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Ronaldo, perhaps the greatest football player to ever grace the pitch has decided to hang up his boots and retire from the game. His press conference today was highly emotional and a sad end to the career of the best ever.

Ronaldo is and was my favorite player ever. Forget club loyalty for a minute and just take a moment to respect the man who transformed the modern game. All of the big names today owe a bit to Ronaldo. From Leo Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo, all take something from the king.

His grace and movement on the pitch was unmatched. His skill and ferocity led him to be only the second man to win the World Player of the Year 3 times. Two World Cup championships, multiple league titles, and more factoids and awards than one can count. The game forever changes in my mind today.

Even though he will never read this, I wish Ronaldo the best. The phenomenon, the king, the greatest ever. Vai Ronaldo! Vai O fenomeno!

I’ll let King Eric handle the outro. Here’s to the number 9, the keepers nightmare. Ronaldo.

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Luv Sic | Nujabes

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"I hold the mic, like niggas hold their girls tight, but I ain’t after her, probably your Acura pearl white."


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Friday (1995)

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