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From their condemnation of Donald Sterling to their vote lodged for Obama, white people (and white “liberals” especially) show their true colors whenever another black person is lynched and murdered. They have no interest in dismantling white supremacy or working against racist power structures, as their interest in “progressive” causes only continues as long as black lives are still seen as inherently valueless in our society. If you can vote for Obama with one hand and suddenly be mum when black children are being victimized and lynched and their communities invaded by police with military equipment when they say enough is enough, I have no interest in you as an “ally.” If you were outspoken about Donald Sterling and yet you take a completely ahistorical view and paint Mike Brown’s case as one “where you need more facts” or is a “matter of opinion,” you are a fucking hypocrite. I have no time for any of this anymore and all of the POC invoking respectability politics and the worst silencing tactics of white people to derail these discussions. A black child was effectively lynched in front of his community and all you can tell me is “not all white people” and deploy more white derailment tactics so that we do not have a serious discussion about how violently antiblack our country is? No I have no time or patience for you either. At the end of the day, these people are all disgusting and my heart is with all of those in Ferguson right now and Mike Brown’s family as they continue to demand justice. And to all of these other folks with their bullshit, all I can say at this point is “Fuck all of them”.

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Baltimore Police Claim Handcuffed Man Shot Himself in Jail
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Either they think we are very stupid, or know they won’t be held accountable - either way, this is some serious BS!

This is not the first time either.

They claimed a handcuffed kid who was left handed shot himself in the head from the right in FL.

At this point, I don’t even think they think we’re stupid. They just don’t CARE. They have proven over and over again they can get away with this shit. They don’t NEED to come up with plausible evidence. They go on unpaid leave and go back to terrorizing Black communities. 

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That last tweet sums it up:

"So to summarize, a man was brutally murdered, and a community is being punished FOR NOT FORGETTING"

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Stay mindful of the time stamps when these Twitter images are passed around in the following dayz.

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you talk about white people like you are black then you criticize a white person saying he is acting like a black person? haha you phony (and im a black guy)






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i love how you can see him going from “wh-” to “goofy you piece of shit”

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